Friday, August 20, 2010

Make-Bake-Decorate Series


You've got your cake mixed. Now what do you do with it? You bake it, of course!

Good, sturdy, quality pans are your best bet for cakes that bake evenly. There are all kinds of brands to choose from. My the pans that I use are from different brands, and the ones in this post are just some of them.

Also, you can choose a shaped pan as well. My favorites that I own are lips and hearts. This cake was a two-layer cake, and I used two square pans for each layer.

I used cooking spray to ensure the finished cake doesn't stick to the pans. That would be no fun. If you haven't experienced this, try not to. :)

You can also use butter or margarine, and you could also flour your pan after you coat it.
I find the nonstick spray to do the job on its own just fine.

Make sure you cover the entire bottom, sides, and especially the corners.

Pour the cake mix evenly into your pan or pans.

Once the pans are filled, gently tap them on the surface of your counter. This helps the air bubbles to come to the top of the cake - and you can pop them. This helps the cake to be smooth on the inside.

I bake both of my cake layers at the same time. I place them on the same shelf in the oven, right next to each other. My oven is fairly new - just over a year old, and I haven't found it to bake anything unevenly. You know your oven best, so do what works best for you. I have yet to have two layers come out of the oven baked unevenly.

The same goes for timing the baking. I know my oven like I know my cakes, and I have got the perfect timing down to a science for my oven. Do what works best for you! :)

Stay tuned for the sweetest post of this series, and my favorite part of cakes - the decorating!

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