Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rainy Saturday = Baking!

I'm in the kitchen today, folks, because it's raining. Something like the first rain in 50 days or something. So I'm not complaining!

In the oven right now are Oatmeal Scotchies. These are your basic oatmeal cookies with a sweet twist. When you are mixing up the batter, add in 1 cup butterscotch chips. Let me tell you - the smell is so good!

I'll be back soon to share all of the goodies I've been making! This time of year is my favorite - there are so many great seasonal recipes to try! What ones have you been trying? Dish it! :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meeting Bakerella!

Oh my. Just looking at the pictures again makes me feel bubbly inside again! It still seems surreal that I met Bakerella!

We got to Williams-Sonoma early. Which was perfect for taking some pictures outside of the store. There was a really cute setup of Cake Pops in the WS window.
You can't tell how nice and warm the weather was by these pictures, but you can tell how breezy it was. :)

And there she is! Bakerella did a great question-and-answer demonstration session. We could ask questions about cake pops, and Bakerella would answer them.

She also showed us some of the products she uses, including the markers she uses to draw details on her cake pops and candy coating she uses to create raised details for her designs.

And then... We got to try her cake pops! Oh my, were they delish! It was nice to see the texture of the cake and the thickness of the coating for comparison.

I gave Bakerella one of my handmade rose rings. She loved it! She actually took off the ring she was wearing to put it on her finger. That was so sweet of her to do!

Here we are modeling our matching rings. :)

This was really a great experience. It was so fun to meet Bakerella! I follow her baking blog, and I hope you do (or will!) too!

You really should get a copy of Cake Pops if you don't already have one. My favorites are the clowns and the sheep!
I hope you get the chance to meet Bakerella too! Check out her website for tour details!

Giant donut anyone?

Yesterday when I was at Williams-Sonoma, waiting for Bakerella, I looked around the store for some new inspiration.

And boy, did I find it! WS carries so many cute baking tools - from baking pans to books with great recipes to the sprinkles that finish take the cake to it's finished state.

I had trouble deciding what to bring home! But I settled on one of the cutest things I've seen in awhile.

The Giant Donut Cake Pan Set.

It is so cute! The box also has a recipe for a chocolate glazed donut (the recipe is also available on the website). The box states that the cake can serve 16.

This may be my breakfast for the next week.

And now I also have my Christmas Wish List ready. I would like the mini tiered cakelet pan, the sandwich cookie cake pan, the railway cake pan, and the buttercup cakelet pan.

That is all. ;)

What cute baking tools have you seen lately?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

How about the sweetest day ever?

Today I met the queen of cake pops.

Yes, Bakerella!

And on Sweetest Day. How perfect is that?! And she was such a sweetheart herself!

If you haven't gotten Bakerella's book Cake Pops yet, you are missing out! I actually have two copies - one that Bakerella signed for me today, and another to use while I'm baking. Bakerella did a great question and answer conversation before signing books. People could ask questions about cake pops, and Bakerella would answer them, giving out suggestions and great helpful tips.

It was perfect.

Then the book signing began. It was like Christmas. Only better.

I gave Bakerella one of my famous flower rings. And she loved it!

Pictures are to come! I'm still clapping my hands with excitement!