Sunday, October 17, 2010

Giant donut anyone?

Yesterday when I was at Williams-Sonoma, waiting for Bakerella, I looked around the store for some new inspiration.

And boy, did I find it! WS carries so many cute baking tools - from baking pans to books with great recipes to the sprinkles that finish take the cake to it's finished state.

I had trouble deciding what to bring home! But I settled on one of the cutest things I've seen in awhile.

The Giant Donut Cake Pan Set.

It is so cute! The box also has a recipe for a chocolate glazed donut (the recipe is also available on the website). The box states that the cake can serve 16.

This may be my breakfast for the next week.

And now I also have my Christmas Wish List ready. I would like the mini tiered cakelet pan, the sandwich cookie cake pan, the railway cake pan, and the buttercup cakelet pan.

That is all. ;)

What cute baking tools have you seen lately?

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